Application and Characteristics of Cast Steel Shot
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I. Application: 

Cast steel shot is widely applied in descaling and derusting treatment of iron and steel parts before painting, in this case centrifugal blast cleaning equipment often used. Spherical shape and smaller hardness make steel shot does not produce large wear on the equipment. Steel shot is widely used in foundry industry, after the workpiece is removed from the mold, steel shot is often applied to remove sand on the surface of the workpiece. When the shot used together with the suitable equipment, due to its durability, it is definitely the best abrasive of surface cleaning.

Applicable industry scope: aviation industry, automobile industry, sandblasting and painting business, consumer goods manufacturing, container manufacturing and repair, casting, granite and stone cutting, shipbuilding and ship repair, middlemen, oil and gas pipelines, plant maintenance and metal processing.

Applicable technique process: surface pretreatment before spraying; casting deoxidization; pipe descaling.

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2. Steel shot derusting: shot blasting derusing, shot peening derusting, casting derusting, forgings rust derusting, steel plate rust derusting, forging descaling, steel rust derusting, type H steel derusting, steel structure derusting.

3. Steel strengthening: shot blasting strengthening, shot peening strengthening of heat treatment parts, gear shot peening strengthening.

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6. Steel shot sand: sand processing.

7. Steel shot pretreatment: coating pretreatment, precoating processing, surface preprocessing, ship plate preprocessing, steel preprocessing, steel pretreatment processing, steel plate pretreatment, steel structure.

II. Characteristics

Steel shot is moderate in hardness, strong in toughness. It can resist impact, and have a long service life which can be used up to 2000-2900 times. Steel shot has a good anti-elastic performance, low consumption, and good technical effect. What’s more, it can be cleaned up fast. Metal surface cleaning degree can up to GB / t8923-1989 after processing with the product; surface roughness degree can up to RZ = 10--150μm , thus increasing the metal surface of the specific surface area and improving the coating surface adhesion after coating. Steel shot has very significant economic benefits. Currently, it is the most advanced and ideal metal abrasive in shot blasting cleaning and fortified.