JX Abrasives has a wide application in these following industries: steel construction, shipyard, steel & forging aluminum casting, container manufacturing, automobile, aviation, rail vehicles, pipelines, stone cutting.

Aviation Industries
  • Shot Peening of springs, shaft, gear, chain crank, wheel spares.
  • Cleaning of various components of generating units de-burring machined components and its parts.
  • Surface preparation & maintenance and cleaning of all external surface.

Automobile Industries
  • Cleaning of springs, shaft, gear, connecting bar, wheel spares.

Marine / Ship Building and Repair Industries
  • Cleaning of valves and instruments.
  • Cleaning and peening turbine blades and values.
  • Sandblasting to remove scale and corrosion from deck and superstructure.

Casting and Forgings Industries
  • Deburring of castings.
  • Finishing of castings for decorations or glare free surfaces or general cleaning.

Stone / Marble Industries
  • To cut the granite by gang saw machine.
  • To blast clean the surface of floor tiles, slates, sand stone, marble chips for proper bonding with surface.

Container & Port Machine Industries
Offshore Industries
Pipe Industries
Bar and Tube Industries
Wind Power
Structural Industries