Customized Shot Blasting Machine
Customized Shot Blasting Machine
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China Customized Shot Blasting Machine Supplier Offers Shot Blasting Machine Custom-designed for Every Application, High Productivity, Long Lifespan.

Key Specifications / Features

Customized Shot Blasting Machine
Description: Individual planning and manufacturing of shot blasting machines, customized for every application and every site. 


1. Wide applications, Easy to install and use.
2. Customized to meet your specific needs.
3. Good stability, low failure rate because of technical maturity, technical precipitation, skilled workers.
4. Exquisite appearance with mature fine craftsmanship.
5. Components' key parts of world famous brands, such as Siemens, Omron, Schneider and Mitsubishi.

JX  blast wheel is flexible, high performance, will satisfy all your needs and decrease your cost.

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