Design Principles and Features of Blasting Room
Posted: 08/02/2016 03:34:11  Hits: 112
The main feature of the blasting room is in the process of blasting the operator stay in the room. The protective clothing suit and the helmet can prevent the operator from being impacted by the abrasive, and the ventilation device can provide the operator with fresh air through the helmet.

Blasting room is mainly used for large parts or adopt automatic sand blasting device to deal with very expensive parts. The nozzle manipulator installed in the sand blasting chamber can do sand blasting on the surface of the parts automatically, and the area which is difficult to reach through automatic blasting can be done manually. This not only maintains the flexibility, but also reduces the number of sand blasting operator.

The abrasives delivery mode is another high spot in the design of the equipment. In addition to the well-known need for the flat transmission of the ground which has a very small installation depth, JX abrasives has an extremely rich experience in the spiral conveyor and the transmission technology of vibrating cross grid abrasives. Open blasting is generally used for large workpieces.

The design of sand blasting room needs not only to consider the current user and the requirements of various shipbuilding specifications, but also to consider the new requirements of the IMO specification for painting.

The design of the painting room both needs to show the development level of the contemporary international shipbuilding coating, and adhere to the practical principle. Hence blasting room is able to realize the goal of low input and high effectiveness. That is to say, Designers should aim for lower operating cost and minimum maintenance probability, the simplest mode of operation as the goal, to realize the maximum economic benefits. The configuration of coating equipment must be advanced, reasonable and effective.

The design of blasting and coating room must meet and satisfy the following requirements:

1. All-weather coating operates normally.

2. Processing equipment is able to run without error in full load state for a long period of time. The sand blasting room and paint blasting room are adopted “trouble-free” design in the overall.

3. The central control system should meet the requirements of the process equipment system has the advantages of simple operation, high automation degree.

4. The process system should be advanced, practical and safe.

5. To improve the comprehensive performance of the system through the optimized design.

6. The economic, reasonable, comfortable ventilation, dust and mist treatment.

7. The production capacity of sand blasting and painting can meet the design requirements.

8. The system equipment, not only should be advanced, complete, but also can reduce the reliance on ancillary services.