How to Maintain Drum-type Shot-blasting Machines
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A drum-type shot-blasting machine is very common. The machine which is frequently used needs a certain maintenance. Maintenance methods for drum-type shot-blasting machine can be adapted for crawler-type shot blasting machine, roller bed shot-blasting machine, etc.

1. Daily Maintenance
(1) Inspect and replace the wearing parts.
(2) Make sure whether signal lights on console panels works perfectly or not.
(3) Check whether switch limiting positions work perfectly or not.
(4) Remove dust on electric control boxes.
(5) Make sure whether there are loose fixing bolts on shot-blasting machines or electric machines of it.
(6) Check if there is leakage on dust removal pipelines, dust or broken pieces in the filter bag.
(7) Make sure whether all the access doors are kept closed.
(8) Ensure no accretion in filter sieves of separators.
(9) Make sure whether electric control pill gate valves are kept closed.
(10) Inspect the wear of guard boards inside shot blasting room.

2. Monthly maintenance
(1) Make sure to check transmission parts and lubricate its chains.
(2) Check wear & fixing conditions of fans and air ducts.
(3) Ensure fixing conditions of bolts for each joints.

3. Quarterly maintenance
(1) Make sure whether both bots of electric motors, chain drives, fan, auger conveyors and flange are connected tightly or not.
(2) Inspect conditions of bearings and electric cabinets.
(3) Replace high speed grease for the upper bearings of main bearing seats.
(4) Examine the wear of wear plate of the shot blasting machine.

4.Annual maintenance
(1) Overhaul all electric motor bearings.
(2) Check the lubrication of the bearing and add new grease. Make sure corrosion degree of air ducts of air cylinders and the condition of residual oil on the inside wall. Replace the duct once there are serious corrosion. Clean up the cylinder if there are too much residual oil.
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