Key Points of Installating Blasting Machine
Posted: 01/05/2016 03:41:24  Hits: 267
There are several key points need to be noticed when installing the blasting machine.

1. Check the safety and quality of grinding wheels before installation. Operators can use nylon hammer or pen to tap the grinding wheels, if the sound is clear, then the wheels can be installed.

2. Positioning. Where to install the blasting machine is the priority to be considered during installment. Only when operators choose the right place, can they continue taking other measurements. The blasting machine is prohibit to install near the place where is crowded or people frequently pass by. Generally, big factories have the special room for blasting machine. If the factory does not have the special room, operator should install a firm protective bumpers which is higher than 1.8 meters before the blasting machine. 

3. Balance. The unbalance of grinding wheels is caused by inappropriate installation. There are mainly two aspects of harm caused by unbalance. On the one hand, when the grinding wheels rotate at a high speed, it will leave polygon oscillation mark on the surface of workpiece. On the other hand, the unbalance will accelerate the vibration and abrasion of bearing, and even worse, may lead to the fracture of grinding wheel and cause serious accidents. Therefore, once the unbalance of grinding wheel is being found, operators should solve the problem immediately.

4. Matching. Matching is refers to the complement between chuck and grinding wheels. According to the standard, the diameter of chuck is no less than the one third of diameter of emery disc, and when the abrasion is reach to a certain degree, it should change a new one. This is the problem of matching between chuck and grinding wheels. Reasonable matching has two advantages: on the one hand, it can save the abrasives, and on the other hand, it can ensure the safety of operation. In addition, operators should install a cushion between chuck and grinding wheels, whose diameter is 2mm larger than chuck and the thick is 1 to 2mm.

5. Protective shield. The protective shield is the major protective device of blasting machine, the function is that, when the grinding wheels are damaged during operation, the shield can cover the fragment of grinding wheels and protect the security of operators. The protective shield has round and square shapes, the maximum opening angle must not exceed 90 degree, and the material of shield is the steel whose tensile strength must be no less than 415N / mm2. When change the new grinding wheels, the shield must be solid and firm and the shield can not be dismantle or abandon randomly.

6. Bracket. The bracket is one of the commonly used accessories of blasting machine. According to the standard, if the diameter of grinding wheels is over 150mm, the blasting machine must install the adjustable brackets. The distance between bracket and grinding wheels must be less than one second of the minimum inch of the workpiece, but should not exceed 3mm.

7. Grounding. The blasting machine is using the power lines, therefore the machine must have an excellent protective device for grounding, which is also an important factor to cause the accident.