Maintenance Work for Shot Blasting Machines
Posted: 03/11/2016 11:05:45  Hits: 236
Appropriate maintenance work can not only improve the working efficiency, but also can extend the service life of the shot blasting machine.

Daily maintenance
1. Check the loose conditions of all bolts on components and electrical devices and tighten the loose parts immediately.
2. Check the abrasion of all inner parts and backplate and replace the worn parts promptly.
3. Check the blade and replace it when half worn.
4. Check the directional cover pointer to ensure pointer in the right position.
5. Check the whether the testing door is closing.
6. Check the dust pipes to guarantee no leakage of it, remember dust and damage of filter are not allowed.
7. Check the spiral parts on separator, if there are sundries and on filters clean them in time.
8. Check the closing of electric brake valve.
9. Check conditions of the limit switch and proximity switch.
10. Check the working conditions of all signal lights on console.
11. Check the current of shot motor within the rated range.
12. Clean the dust on the electrical control box.
13. Check the sealing of filling pipes and rubber door to avoid the loss of abrasives and steel shots.
14. Remove the fragments on bottom grid and ensure the recollection of steel grits and shots.
16. Check the total amount of abrasives, if inadequate, add timely.

Weekly maintenance
1.Check distribution components and replace a new one if the abrasion is more than 3mm.
2.Check the orientation sleeves and replace it when the openings are more than 6mm.
3.Check the backplate to prevent the serious attrition and malposition.
4.Check the tension of vee belt, the belt should be pressed about 10mm, otherwise it should be adjusted.
5. Check the abrasion of slide baffle plate, change a new one if it’s necessary.
6. Check the powder tube and pipes to ensure whether there is qualified steel grits and shots to recycle.
7. Check the hoisting devices including the tension of belt, tightness of bolts and position of joints, avoid the abrasion and deviation.
8. Check the abrasion and ensure there id no impurities and attrition about the screw vessel.
9. Check the bottom grid, if there have loopholes, repair it timely.
10. Check the joints of pipes and avoid the dust and leakage.
11. Clean the dust on filter cartridge and use the pulse cleaning mechanism.
12. Lubricate the four blasting bearings once a week.
13. Release the water of air compressor, oil-water tank and separator once a week.

Monthly maintenance
1. Check and adjust the valve, the degree of opening and closing should meet the current value of 25A to 30A.
2. Adjust and lubricate the tightness of the drive chains.
3. Check and adjust the belt on bucket elevator; check the bolts and tighten them.
4. Check the lubricant of gear, if less than the specified oil, add the oil timely.
5. Check and clean the AC contactor and switch contact status.
6. Check the condition of power and control, tighten it if loose.
7. Test each motor one by one, including the whether the sound is normal and the no-load current and the testing time should more than 5 minutes.
8. Check the abrasion and fix condition of fan and blower.
9. Change the oil of air compressor once a month.

Quarterly maintenance
1.Check the bearings and electronic control box in good condition and refilling grease in time.
2. Check the abrasion of shot blasting blade.
3. Change the high-speed grease lubricant of spindle and motor bearings.
4. Check the sealing and tightness of all motors, reducer, fans and screw conveyor.

Annually maintenance
1. Check the lubrication conditions of all bearings (including motor bearing) and added new grease to them.
2. Change or weld the protective shielding of the main chamber.
3. Check the contact reliability of PLC and inverter.
4. Check the accuracy of ammeter.
5. Check the dust filter cartridge and replace if necessary. If the dust is sticky, use the air gun instruments to clean it.
6. Clean and repair the tuyere pipe if necessary.