Major Applications of Shot Blasting Machine
Posted: 02/25/2016 01:55:31  Hits: 264
Shot blasting machine has a wide range of applications in automobile, foundry and bearing industry etc.

1. Foundry industry
Generally, castings produced by foundry factories need to be polished, and shot blasting machine is a professional machine for it. Choosing different kinds of blasting machine according to different products and the machine will not damage the appearance and performance of original products.

2.Mold industry
Most molds are cast and require smooth surface. Shot blasting machine can polishing surface of products and will not damage the appearance and performance of original products.

3.Steel profile
Newly manufactured steel profiles such as sheet steel will have many burrs which will influence the surface and quality of product. In such situation, using shot blasting machine can solve these problems perfectly.

The sheet steel is the major material for making ships, but steel often have rust, which heavily affect the quality and working efficiency of ship making. It’s a huge and difficult work of rust cleaning that is nearly impossible to deal manually but shot blasting machine can and will ensure the quality of the steel profile. 

5.Automobile factory
According to the working requirements of automobile factories, the steel profile and other components must be polished on the precondition of keeping the original appearance and not damage the steel strength. Most automobile components have irregular shapes and need different types of shot blasting machine, such as roller blasting machine, tumblast machine and hook type blasting machine.

6.Hardware and electroplating factories 
Both hardware and electroplating factories need their products to have smooth and even surface and the shot blasting machine can meet these requirements. The products of hardware factory have smaller size and suitable to use roller blasting machine and track blasting machine. On the other hand, the electroplating products can use track blasting machine to clean rust and surface if the products in a large quantity.

7. Motorcycle factory
The motorcycle components have small size which suitable to using roller blasting machine, if the products have a large amount, can use hook type one and roller one.

8. Bearing Factory
Bearings are pressed by the mold thus have smooth faces generally. However, sometimes, there will have some impurities and therefore need shot blasting machine to clean them. 

9. The steel construction enterprise
In order to reach the national construction requirements, descaling must be done before applying the steel in the construction. Taking shot blasting machine to clean rust automatically can not only save the labor cost but also reduce environmental pollution that result form pickling.