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Fundiexpo 2014 – Visit JX Abrasives Booth 227
Posted: 11/18/2015 04:10:12  Hits: 222
JX Abrasives is exhibiting at the FUNDIEXPO International Exhibition of the Foundry Industry in Monterrey, Mexico. The show is being held September 24-16th, 2014. Welcome to visit our booth #227.

FUNDIEXPO is the largest trade show and exhibition for metal casting in Mexico. Exhibitors will include companies from the foundry, metallurgy and industrial furnace fields, cast parts, refractory materials, and ceramics industries. 

Booth: 227.
Date: 24-26 Sep 2014.
Event Type: Trade Show, Fair and Exhibition.
Venue: Cintermex, Monterryey, Mexico.
Fundiexpo 2014 – Visit JX Abrasives Booth 227