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Improvement for Chinese Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers
Posted: 03/17/2016 04:31:23  Hits: 235
The first shot blasting machine was invented in 1930s by American and since then the shot blasting machine industry has developed rapidly globally. The high-end equipment is mainly produced by Western manufactures and also they have advanced technology which stands for the highest level of the industry.

Since 2003, due to the development of manufacturing industry, domestic demands also increased. In 2010, Chinese consumption on shot blasting machine took 20% of the world’s total production and become the world's largest demanding country.

China began to produce shot blasting machine in 1950s, and mainly imitated Soviet Union technology. In recent years, as the rapid development of automobile, motorcycle, household appliances and electronic communications industries, especially the machine tool industry which offers excellent opportunity for shot blasting industry. In 2005, the domestic output was 22789 sets, in the end of August 2011, the number reached to 110,000 sets, with an average annual increase of 26%.

What’s the problems of domestic manufacturers and how to improve the current situation?

1.Pay attention to the cultivation of professionals on shot blasting machine. Universities and colleges should set up related majors based on market need. Strengthen the training of current staff and improve the investment on R&D. Establish the modern system of governance for shot blasting industry, survival of the fittest.

2.Due to its great importance to national economy, related national departments and authorities should pay more attention to the industrial development and offer correspondent supports and guidance.

3. Establish the national information network as soon as possible. Strength communications on improving product quality and manufacturing technique of shot blasting machine. Organize activities such as seminars to enhance understanding of foreign machines. Generally speaking, when producing shot blasting machine, foreign manufactures applied CAD in the whole procedure from design, R&D, produce, service and filed all products, therefore, their products and service can spread throughout the country.

4. Strengthen security governance of shot blasting machine. Strictly implement national safety regulations on production and operation. Enterprises should improve the security measures to ensure safety of production and staff, and comply with environmental requirements.

5.Adopt new technologies and promote the application of the new painting, transform the lagging technique and production lines, standardize its design and production. Apply new material and device and energy-saving measurements, promote computerization of production line, and improve its mechanization and automation of manufacturing. More importantly is to improve the anti-corrosion quality and ensure the product quality.

6. Enhance industrial cooperation so as to offer excellent service and products to customers, which need joint efforts of manufacturing, enterprises and related departments.

The current export situation of shot blasting machine has two characteristics. As the largest export target, American demand decreased sharply, which has great influence the domestic shot blasting machine industry. However, American industries including: aerospace, green energy (mainly wind and solar power) and the medical device etc are still keeping growing These industries have huge demands for compound machine and high-end products which also offers promising prospect to Chinese market. If Chinese manufactures still want to maintain their parts on American markets, developing high-end and sophisticated is essential and urgent.