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The Procedures and Advantages of Hook Shot Blast Machine
Posted: 11/18/2016 11:41:31  Hits: 50
The procedures and advantages of hook shot blast machine are following.


1. The dust removal system starts to run.
2. The elevator drives the separator to run.
3. The spiral conveyor begins to work.
4. After cleaning up the hanging workpiece outdoor, the hook stops when it is in contact with travel switch.
5. The hook goes ahead to clean indoor and stop as it reaches the pre-calculated position.
6. The the hook starts to rotate after the door of cleaning chamber is closed.
7. The shot blasting machine starts to open.
8 . Cleaning begins as soon as the pellet-offering gate opens.
9. After cleaning up the hanging workpiece outdoor, the hook stops when it is in contact with travel switch.
10. When the workpiece hanging by hook is cleaned up, the pellet-offering gate is closed.
11. The shot blasting machine quits work.
12. The hook stops.

1. The hook shot blasting machine adopts the fourth-generation cantilever centrifugal blast with a large amount of blast and high-speed ejection, which can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of cleaning.

2. Simulated projectile figure (including the model, number and layout determination, etc. of shot blasting machine) and all the drawings of shot blasting machine completely adopts computer aided design (CAD). The selection and layout of shot blasting machine is more reasonable. The hook shot blasting machine improves the utilization rate of the projectile and the labor productivity, ensuring the cleaning efficiency, reducing the wear and tear of chamber guard.

3. The hook shot blast machine has the advantages of no pit, compact structure. The structure can not only save the basic cost and time of pit construction, but also help southern users to solve the rusting and caking problem in elevator because of water-logged ground.

4. The cleaning chamber of hook shot blasting machine is protected by hot rolling Mn13 board. Compared with the previous rubber board, the hot rolling Mn13 board can prolong the service life of the machine, and it is easy to change, with good appearance, is the most popular protective way of cleaning machine chamber.