Oil Spilling of Shot Blasting Machine and Measurement
Posted: 05/06/2016 03:51:11  Hits: 101
Oil spilling is one of the most common problems of shot blasting machine and how to deal with it is quite essential.

1.Oil spilling of rotary shaft. Rotary shaft of shot blasting machine including gear lever, shaft axis of clutch and decompression engine shaft. Cause and measurement: if the shaft and hole are worn out, cut the gear lever, shaft axis of clutch to a sealing ring groove and equipped with appropriate gasket. If the gasket on decompression is worn out, replace a new one.

2. Oil spilling of engine switches. Engine switches of shot blasting machine including valve and gasoline tank switch. Cause and measurement: if the ball valve on the machine is rusted or worn out, clean the rust between ball valve and hole, and change the ball valve with appropriate steel ball. If the sealing and fasteners of engine is worn out, repair it or replace a new one. If the loose joints, polish it with fine abrasive sand and oil.

3. Oil spilling of pipe joints. Pipe joints of shot blasting machine include cone joints and hollow bolts. Cone joints comprising with tow ends of pressure gauge, one end of oil pipe, both sides of high pressure tubing and one end of filter to fuel pump. If the joint of high pressure tubing is worn out, welding it with a new joint, if the joint of low pressure tubing is damaged, amputate the bell joint and change a new one. If the thread is damaged or has uneven surface, repair or replace. If the gasket is inappropriate, change a suitable one or polish it with abrasives, if the damage is serious, can use milling machine to polish. If there is scratches on the surface of joints, polish it with abrasives and clean the impurities, tighten the bolt and fasteners.

4.Oil spilling of engine threads plugging. Threads plugging has three types: tapered plugging, flat plugging and process plugging. Cause and measurement: if the thread is damaged, replace a new one; if the thread hole is worn out, enlarge the size; if the tapered plugging is abraded, change it into flat plugging and equipped with gasket.

5. Oil spilling of flat seams. Flat seams of shot blasting machine include gasket, asbestos and cork. Cause and measurement: if the surface is uneven, polish it with different abrasives, in addition, the gasket should be qualified and keep clean; if the bolt is loosen, tighten each of them.