Operating Instruction & Conditions of Shot Blasting Machine
Posted: 06/28/2016 04:46:00  Hits: 271
1. The operation of shot blasting machine equipment requires professional training, and operators should familiar with the machine performance and characteristics.

2. Operators should be familiar with all of shot blasting machine operating procedures, application, repair and maintenance. 

3. Operators must check whether all types of switch of control cabinet (panel) is in the scheduled position (including the power switch), after then can operators boost it. The purpose is to avoid misoperation and make damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, or cause the equipment accident. 

4. Only operators are allowed to operate or touch the electrical switch control area, and be close to the machine working area, which is in order to avoid accidents. 

5. Operators must wear protective working clothes, glasses, etc.. 

6. Operators should pay special attention to all kinds of instrument panel when they boost machine. Only when all the instrument indication reached normal values can they operate small crane (roller) into working procedures. If operators find that there is a large error in the individual meter (abnormality), they should immediately shut the machine down. After the equipment fault to be treated can they boot work regularly.

7. In the operation, operators should inspect the equipment regularly to check whether there is abnormal sound and overheating phenomenon in various parts of the machine. If operators found that there is a serious failure of equipment, they should press the "emergency stop" button down to be repaired, and cooperate with professional personnel to troubleshoot equipment. 

8. Operators must adhere to the "equipment management" for routine maintenance and week’s maintenance (including lubrication). Besides, they should clean up dust and debris in the dust remover every week, so as not to affect the quality of cleaning dust, and to ensure the integrity of the equipment. 

9. Operators must do as civilized and safety production requirements. At the same time, strictly implement the shift relief system. 

10. When work finished, operators should immediately cut off machine power, so as not to make the device at run and clean up the work place.
1. The roughness degree of working surface <20mm; no water and relatively dry; slope degree <25°.

2. The ambient temperature: ; the steel surface temperature is above the dew point. 

3. Humidity degree:
a. If it is blasting the relative humidity of steel surface is not more than 90%. 
b. If it is concrete blasting the relative humidity is not more than 95%.

4. Height: 0 ~ 3000m; do not operate in the rain and snow weather.