Operational Instructions of Shot Blasting Room
Posted: 05/15/2017 10:37:56  Hits: 55
1. Observe GOS(General Operating Specification) of shot blasting quipment

2. Rules for operating shot blasting machines 
(1) Check wear patterns of blade, guide sleeve and impeller of abrator head. If they wear seriously, you can inform maintenance personnel.
(2) Ensure iron shot conveying system condition is good. If elevator, spiral conveying screen, sand storage bin and ball convey pipe are stuck or blocked, solve the problems as soon as possible.
(3) Check if hanging chains and auxiliary chains are loose or broken. When this happens, you can call maintenance personnel for repairing.
(4) Make sure no casting parts are in shot blasting rooms. If any casting parts left, remove them in time.
(5) Ensure cutting means enclosure and protective shield are intact. If they wear excessively, you need to replace them with new ones. 
(6) If they wear seriously or rotate not flexibly, you should replace them in time or inform maintenance personnel.
(7) Operate each mechanism of shot blasting room for ensuring operating conditions of abrator head, iron shot conveying system, auxiliary chain and hanging chain. You can start manufacturing if everything is well running. 

3. Rules for workers
(1) All operators need to work with safety appliance in order to prevent injury from iron shot.
(2) Start shot blasting devices in the following orders:
Fan-Bucket Elevator-Spiral conveying screen-Blast Wheel from No.1 to No. 6-Auxiliary Chain-Iron Shot Gate-Hanging chain
Stop the shot blasting room in the opposite operation orders:
Hanging chain-Iron Shot Gate-Auxiliary Chain-Blast Wheel from No.1 to No.6-Spiral conveying screen-Bucket Elevator-Fan
(3) It is necessary to hang 30 casting parts on the hanging chain before you clean up the the machine and hang casting parts continually.
(4) Have an inching test to press the button of the shot blasting device and immediately to release the button to let the device run about three to five minutes. Check out working stability of abrator head, spiral conveyor, elevator, hoist, link plate. Start to work after confirming every operation condition is normal.

3. Rules in working process
(1) When work, staffs need to wear safety appliance in order to prevent injury from iron shot.
(2) Operate in the following orders:
Start ventilator-Open rolling door-Open hopper-Inch the link plate-Reset hopper-Close rolling door-Start link plate-Start abrator head-Start spiral conveyor-Start elevator-Open iron shot gate 
Stop in the opposite order of operation.
(3) Take care of abrator heads' stability. Call maintenance department if the abrator head works with big vibration.  
(4) Add new iron shots frequently according to the wearing condition of the shot blasting machine but do not add too many iron shots.
(5) Don't make link plate move in the opposite direction when the abrator is working.
(6) Opening the door is forbidden when the abrator head is working.
(7) Don't stop spiral conveyor and elevator when the abrator head is working.