Process of Shot Blasting Machine and Sandblasting Machine
Posted: 07/04/2016 08:31:25  Hits: 100
Today, today’s topic is the different process of shot blasting machine and sandblasting machine.

First: the fundamental difference between them is jet instead of ejection, what ejected is steel shot rather sand.

Second: the diameter of steel shot of mobile shot blasting machine is far greater than the diameter of sand blasting. The principle is according to the specific requirements to jet the different size of particle of steel shot with high speed to the plate surface, the steel shot with huge impact quickly put the plate surface denudated into a surface which looks like three-dimension. The products produced by this method are not only stable in quality, but also have no blind area in appearance, and the processing speed is fast, and the cost is low.

Third: the mobile shot blasting machine technology is currently a kind of advanced technology for surface cleaning, strengthening, polishing, deburring for all kinds of machinery parts and components. The equipment is mainly composed of a shot blasting machine, wear rubber ring, a packing auger, lifting, separator, feed conveyor, dust machine, cleaning machine.

Fourth: application. It has been widely used in many industries. The function of the machine features high technology content, and it can be designed PC control and electrical automatic control. It is equipped with devices, such as automatic monitoring, protection and stepless frequency conversion timing. A piece of machine serves several purposes.

Fifth: what is the principle? The main principle of it is that it abandoned using the compressed air as power approach. Therefore, adopting the shot blasting machine and the projectile of centrifugal force to jet on the surface with high speed, particular on the cavity corners  of workpiece for blast cleaning, so as to achieve the desired brightness, cleanness, roughness and the purpose of strengthening workpiece surface, greatly improving the service life of parts and aesthetics.

Sixth: classification of using techniques of shot blasting machine: In the shot blasting cleaning process, there should be put more workpiece as far as possible in the projection area, which can improve the cleaning efficiency and reducing wear on guard plate and increasing the service life of the. II. In the conditions that workpiece can not be increased, users should adjust the directional sleeve to ensure the shot to jet on the workpiece as much as possible, which can also increase the serve life of the support plate, and reduce the wear. III. The dust removal system should adjust the gate around the branch pipe so that the distribution of wind reasonably, which can enhance the effect of cleaning dust. IV. The dust collector should be cleaned regularly.