Producing Methods of Steel Shot
Posted: 03/24/2016 05:11:33  Hits: 328
Steel shot is a kind of metal abrasive which can be used to clean rust, oxidation film and other pretreatments for steel profiles. Generally, steel shots have several producing methods.

Pouring the liquid metal into a rotating cylinder, the liquid metal will splash and fall into the water and then form the shots. This method has been eliminated for its poor productivity.

2. Air blowing
Take advantage of speedy jet medium-the noble gases or the compressed air to blow the liquid steel and then the liquid steel fall into water thus form the shots. The cost is not proportional to the product output and the qualification rate of steel shot is less than 50%, thus this method is also close to be eliminated.

3. Water jetting
Make use of water to jet and hit the liquid metal to scattered into the water and then cooling, solidifying and finally form the steel shot. Shortcomings of this method are easily to form hollow shots or shots with irregular shapes. The speed and stress of water jet can be controlled by changing the shape of nozzle and also can greatly improve the production.

4. Centrifugation
Pouring the liquid steel into a special rational disc with high speed, under the centrifugal force, the liquid steel will remove the disc and fall into water and form the steel shot. The centrifugation can get higher productivity and greatly reduce the proportion of hollow shots.

5. Rotational centrifugation
Rotational centrifugation is a combination of water jet and centrifugation,. Put the molten steel into special equipment and rotate it into metal membrane. Under the centrifugation force and surface tension, the metal will form little droplets and drop vertically into water, finally shaped into steel shots. The steel shots made of this method generally have better quality and mechanical properties.

6. Get from alloy steel
This method is getting steel shots from alloy steel and its leftover material. Firstly, give quenching treatment to metal material, and then using high-intensity machine to crush them, finally using the tempering to eliminate its interior stress. Steel shots made of this method are not only own the casting performance of alloy steel but also have denser structure and better mechanical properties. This method can reduce the material loss and produce better quality products, therefore will become a major development trend of producing steel shots.