Sand Blast Cabinet, No Damage to the Original Surfaces
Sand Blast Cabinet, No Damage to the Original Surfaces
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China Sand Blast Cabinet Manufacturer Provides Custom Build Sand Blasting Cabinet, Abrasive Blasting Cabinet, No Damage to the Original Surfaces of Workpieces.

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Correct preparation of metal surfaces before painting is fundamental to the field of corrosion protection. Therefore, sand blasting (blast cleaning) of metal products - an important component of any contemporary manufacturing of steel structures, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, bridge building, among others.

In connection with this, the presence or absence of blast rooms (other used terms: blast booth, blast camera, blasting room, blasting booth) at the enterprises of the above mentioned branches of manufacture - an indicator of how this manufacture to relate for solving of the corrosion protection problem.


We can offer:
A wide range of blast rooms (booths) for blasting steel welded structurals, ship blocks, railway wagons, wind towers.
Blast cameras for blasting with carbon steel grit, stainless steel grit, aluminum oxide, plastic media, glass beads.
Different types of blast rooms (portable and mobile, stationary from small to large, with one entrance or continuous, with monorail for telpher or with rail for transport cart.
Customized for your particular needs.
Designed for all types of work handling.
Projecting, planning and layout of blast rooms.
Erection and turnkey installation.


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