Shot Blast Wheel for Shot Blasing Machine
Shot Blast Wheel for Shot Blasing Machine
Short Description
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China Shot Blast Wheel Factory Offers Shot Blasing Machine Blast Wheel, Maximized Efficiency, Minimized Downtime, Long Lifespan, High Wear Resistance.

Key Specifications / Features

Shot Blast Wheel for Shot Blasing Machine

Description: Shot blasting equipment blasting wheels should be replaced periodically. They are used for shot blasting machinery and shot peening machinery.
The main parts of the impeller efficient shot blasting machine is made of high-quality low carbon alloy material with a special heat treatment process; control cage, distributor, blade, guard plate, the boards with high wear-resistance and service life of bearing are made of special wear resistant material produced by ourselves; blasting wheel shell adopt robot welding; spindle is made of high carbon steel; imported machining center; high machining precision.

1. High chrome precision castings 
2. Extraordinary service life
3. Excellent wear-resistance
4. Improving shot blasting speed
5. Greatly reducing energy consumption
6. Low consumption of steel shots
7. Low damage to workpieces

JX  blast wheel is flexible, high performance, will satisfy all your needs and decrease your cost.

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