Shot Blasting Machine

JX Abrasives is a leading Chinese shot blasting machine Factory in the designing and manufacturing of shot blasting machines, shot-peening machines, shot blast equipment and systems. Our shot blasting machines includes : Roller conveyor shot blasting machine, hook shot blasting machines, hoist shot blasting machine, tumble shot blasting machine, rotary table shot blasting machine, blasting room etc.

The applications of our shot blast machines cover many different industries and JX Abrasives can provide a custom- (customized) designed solution to fit your application (requirements) with our engineering and production facilities. Over the years, JX Abrasives has built up invaluable experience in solving customers cleaning problems, the main industries such as:

* Steel structural works (industrial and railway vehicles, agricultural and construction machines, earth moving machines, windows and door frames, tanks, pipe line plant, building and harbour crane, etc)

* Castings, forgings, weldments, heat treatment device, including the fragile and irregularly shaped workpieces; 

* Tampings, gears and springs of surface cleaning, shot peening, tumbling and vibratory finishing;

* Marine / Ship Building and Repair Industries.

The shot blasting process is achieved by projection of metal abrasives. With centrifugal nozzles, the materials of design and manufacture are wear resistant, which enable the product with excellent performance and long life. 

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