JX Steel Grit has sharp edges that help cleaning the surfaces easily. They are used for different applications: ship building, pipe building, steel construction, granite cutting, tank manufacturing etc.
Blast cleaning: use for blast cleaning of steel board, H type steel, steel pipe and all kinds of steel material, casting, die-casting, gorging, glass surface for industries of steel structure, construction, bridge, shipbuilding, pipes, container, locomotive, engineering machinery, automobile, casting, forging, glass, commodity.
SAE Application
 G-12 G-14  
 Cleaning up large and medium sized casting steel, cast iron, forged products, rolled steel, steel plate,
 rubber adhesive before processing.
G-18 G-25
 C stone cutting, grinding, rubber adhesive pre-processing, steel plate, container, steel hull coating
 pre-treatment, spray medium and small steel, cast iron, forged products, etc.
G-50 G-80
 Steel wire, wrenches, pipe, the pre-plating treatment, precision casting products (such as golf head) of the spray.