JX Steel Shot is a kind of round particles which made from top quality material by special heat treatment. It is widely used in surface cleaning and shot peening for the majority of wheel blast applications. With the best elasticity and fatigue resistance, JX steel shot is the most durable and maximum cleaning effiency.
Blast cleaning: use for blast cleaning of steel board, H type steel, steel pipe and all kinds of steel material, casting, die-casting, gorging, glass surface for industries of steel structure, construction, bridge, shipbuilding, pipes, container, locomotive, engineering machinery, automobile, casting , forging, glass, commodity.
Shot peening: used for shot peening of spring, shaft, gear, connecting bar, blade, chain, crank, wheel spares for industries of automobile, locomotive, ship, plain, machine.

 SAE    Application Size(mm)
    Stainless steel plate, sheet steel, non-ferrous alloy surface prior to coating process,
    enhance flexibility and toughness, wire strengthening treatment
  0.18 - 0.355
    0.3 - 0.5
  0.42 - 0.71
    Small cast, small casting products, heat treatment products, cast aluminum, steel plate,
    cast copper alloy, gold-plated prior to treatment, and enhance the flexibility and toughness
    0.6 - 0.85
  0.71 - 1.0
    Medium & small cast iron, malleable iron, small pieces of casting & heat treatment products,
    steel plate, structure steel, steel pipe,  chain, non-ferrous alloy (derusting, strengthen, forming)        
  0.85 - 1.2
    1.0 - 1.4
    Large and medium-sized cast iron, cast steel, forgings, heat-treated pieces, steel plate steel
    pipes (derusting, strengthen, forming)
    1.2 - 1.7
    1.4 - 2.0
    Large cast iron, cast steel, cast iron pipe, large forgings, heat-treated pieces (derusting)     1.7 - 2.3
    2.0 - 2.8