The Introduction and Application of Cut Wire Shot
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There are introduction and application of cut wire shot.

Introduction of cut wire shot
Steel wire cut shot, according to different steel wire in cutting process, is divided into stainless steel cut wire shot and ordinary high carbon steel cut wire shot and low carbon steel cut wire shot. The shot has no passivation and after passivation.  

In general, cut wire shot has longer service life than cast steel shot, because cut wire shot has no voids and porosity. What’s more, the homogeneous microstructure is better. Cut wire shots are usually used for precision parts. Stainless steel wire cut shots are used for stainless steel and aluminum castings, because it will not pollute the castings after being polishing. The cut wire shots with high hardness applied to strengthen the aircraft engine and blades of diesel engine, cylinders, connecting rod.

Application of cut wire shot
Cut wire shots are widely used in the sand cleaning, rust cleaning, reinforcing, forming, eliminating stress for casting, forging, machinery, metallurgy, heat treatment, steel structure, grid structure, container, ship, repairing and constructing, bridges, mines industries etc. Besides, cut wire shots are also applied to various materials’ surface cleaning and coating, roughness pretreatment before electric plating, stone cutting, magnetic shot casting. Many manufacturers use cut wire shot as additives for heavy concrete and blast furnace refractories to increase its performance, such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, anti erosion, electrostatic shielding, anti radiation, and so on.

Cut wire shot cleaning: shot blasting, grit blasting, die castings cleaning, castings blast cleaning, forgings blast cleaning, forgings Shotblast cleaning.

Steel plate cleaning: steel cleaning, steel H cleaning, steel structure cleaning.

Cut wire shot derusting:  shot derusting, grit derusting, castings derusting, forgings derusting, steel plate descaling, forgings descaling, steel H derusting.
Steel structure derusting.

Cut wire shot strengthening: shot blasting strengthening, heat-treated shot peening, gear shot strengthening.

Cut wire shot peening: steel shot peening, steel sand blasting, boat deck shot peening.

Cut wire shot blasting: steel plate shot blasting, steel shot blasting.

Cut wire shot blasting: sand blasting treatment.

Pretreatment of cut wire shot: pre-coating processing, pre-processing of surface, pre-processing of ship plate, pre-processing of steel, pretreatment of steel plate, pretreatment of steel structure