The Working Principle of Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine
Posted: 07/11/2016 04:51:42  Hits: 362
Roller conveyor shot blasting machine, also known as roller conveyor Shotblast cleaning machine, which combine with the foreign technology research and design, is a new product. Roller conveyor shot blasting machine adopts hypothetical roller which is surrounded by new and efficient single disc shot blasting machine and rubber belt to make the cleaning workpieces roll uniformly and reduce the collision. What’s more, roller conveyor shot blasting machine’s cleaning effect is excellent, it can automatically unload materials when the work finished. This machine is widely used in sand derusting, descaling and surface strengthening of small and medium-sized castings and forgings, stamping parts, nonferrous metal casting, gear. The machine is equipped with dust collector with high environmental standard. The noise of it is low. Roller conveyor shot blasting needs little space, with stable performance, In a word, it is a kind of safe, reliable excellent and ideal cleaning equipment.

The working principle of shot blasting machine:
The working principle of roller conveyor shot blasting machine is that adding a prescribed number of workpieces in cleaning cabin, then closing the door and starting the machine. The workpieces were driven by the roller and began to flip. At the same time, the projectile threw by the shot blasting machine with high-speed, formed fan beam, uniformly blew on the workpieces surface, so as to achieve the purpose of clean.

The thrown Projectiles and sand from the small holes on the track slip into the bottom of the screw conveyor, through spiral feeder into the elevator, and then by hoist mentioned separator for separation. The gas containing dust is sucked to the filter by the fan into clean gas, and then discharged into the atmosphere. The dust through the air blew into the dust collector which is at the bottom of the dust collector box. The used sand flowed out through the waste pipe, and the user can reuse the waste material. The shot and sand mixture by using tube and recycled into the chamber, then reused after the separation. The arrangement of shot blasting machine simulating by 3D dynamic simulation, all the arranged angle and position were designed and determined by computer. On the basis of taking care of all the projectile that needed to be cleaned up to reduce the empty throw as far as possible, so as to maximize the utilization of the shot, and reduce the wear of the indoor protective plate.

The characteristics of roller conveyor shot blasting machine:
1. Roller conveyor shot blasting machine adopts cantilever centrifugal peen forming device, with large ejection angle, high efficiency, no dead ends, long service life, and simple structure.
2. Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is equipped with BE separator, with good separation effect and high productivity. What’s more, it has a positive role to improve the blade.
3. Roller shot blasting machine adopts DMC type back pulse bag dust collector, the concentration of dust emission is lower than the standards prescribed by China. This machine greatly improved the working environment of the operator.
4 Roller shot blasting machine adopts wear-resisting rubber track, which reduced the collision and damage to the workpiece, and the noise of the machine.