Tumble Steel Belt Shot Blasting Machine for Middle & Small Castings
  • Tumble Steel Belt Shot Blasting Machine for Middle & Small Castings
  • Tumble Steel Belt Shot Blasting Machine for Middle & Small Castings
  • Tumble Steel Belt Shot Blasting Machine for Middle & Small Castings
  • Tumble Steel Belt Shot Blasting Machine for Middle & Small Castings
Short Description
 Model No.: JX-TBM-03    Hits: 12
Shot Blasting Machine Supplier JX Offers Tumble Steel Belt Shot Blasting Machine for Small Castings and Middle Castings, Suitable for Clean-up Lines.

Key Specifications / Features

Tumble Steel Belt Shot Blasting Machine

1.Used for surface cleaning, rust removing and surface intensification of various middle and small size castings, forging products and workpieces.
2. Suitable for different production scale and can also be used in conjunction with the continuous conveyor components to form the production of clean-up lines.
3. Advanced design, reasonable structure
4. Little energy consumption and high efficiency.

1. Workpiece    
Maximum Dimension:  **mm
Maximum Weight:  20 kg/pc    
Blast Cleaning Effect (GB8923-88):    Sa2.5
Surface Finishing Roughness:     10~50 mu
Cleaning Efficiency Requirements: > 1500    kg/load
Blast Cleaning Productivity:    It relates to the shape of workpiece. Generally, cleaning workpiece surfacial area ≤1m2/min.     
Main Machine     Outline Dimension(L*W*H):     4300mm x 3500mm x 6200mm
Blasting Chamber:     Open Inlet(W*H)     1270x1200mm
Electric Control System: PLC     Brand:    Simens
Noise Level:    ≤85 dB
Dust Exhausting Consistence:    ≤80 mg/m3

2.Blasting System
1) Blasting Chamber:Steel Structure, Material:Q235
Abrasive-resistant Guard Plate     Material:    ZGMn13
2) Blast Wheel Model:180-4RK
Blasting Capacity: 460 kg/min.
Power:30 kw
Quantity:    1Set
Blade Lifespan: ≥500hr.
Projection Velocity:    80~90m/s    
Impeller Revolving Speed: 2450r/min.
3)Abrasive Recovery System
  1) Screw Conveyor     
Filling Capacity:40 Ton/hr.
Screw Diameter:    200mm    
Motor Power    :3kw
 2)Abrasive Dust Separator    
Separating Capacity: 40Ton/hr.
Separating Air Speed: 4~5m/sec.
Separating Type    :Full Curtain Flow Type
Power:    2.2 kw    
 3)Bucket Elevator    
Lifting Capacity: 40Ton/hr.
Lifting Speed:    1.21m/sec.
Motor Power    : 4 kw
 4) Abrasive Recovery System
Vibrating Conveyor    Conveying Capacity:    40 Ton/hr.
Motor Power    :1.5kw
 5)Blasting Cabinet Door    
Power-driven    Motor Power: 1.1kw
 6) Loading System    power-driven    Motor Power:    3kw
 7) Abrasive Control System
Abrasive Grain Diameter: φ0.3~0.4mm
Initial Filling Capacity:    ≈1000kg
3.Tumble Steel Belt System
  Dynamic Loading Capacity:1500kg
End Disc Diameter :  φ1092mm
Tumble Belt Revolving Speed:5.6m/min.
Distance Between End Discs: 1245mm
Driving Motor Power: 2.2kw
Drive Mode: Chain Driving
4.Dust Collecting System(Cartridge Filter)
 Air Fan Model No.:    4-72NO4.5A
Air Fan Power:    7.5 kw
Dust Collecting Efficiency: >99.9%
Pressure Loss:    2532-2143 Pa
Air Ventilation Capacity:    8600m3/hr.
Quantity of Filter: 12pc
5. Compressed Air Consumption
Abrasive Supply Valve: 0.1 m3/min.
Dust Collecting Blow-back Dust Cleaning:1 m3/min.
Total Air Consumption:    >1.5 m3/min.    
6. Total Power: 54.5kw

This machine is not a standard machine, any parameters can be customized according clients' requirements, so any further information please contact with us, our skilled engineer team will give you the most professional and cost-effective solutions


Production Lead Time:
1. Within 7 days after contract signed and downpayment received, JX ABRASIVES will provide customer with equipment system diagram and layout designing chart, foundation pit desian drawing, embedded part drawing, electric power, technical documents for confirmation. 
2. Manufacturing Time: 20 Working Days
3. China Inland Transportation & Customs Clearance Time: About 7 Days
4. Customer Site Installation and Comissioning Time: About 8 Days

Quality Assurance & After-sales Service:
One Year (Consumable Parts Excluded) 
24 Hours After-sales Service Line: +86 592 5185561
Note: Detailed Quality Assurance Plan and Service contents will be defined in Sales Contract afterwards. 

JX Shot Blasting Machine offers upgraded transport technology, high-efficient blast wheels and multiple machine sizes and types adhere to the customer's shot-blasting needs. If you have special requirements, please download Blasting Equipment Questionnaire for your reference.

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