Two Main Factors Worth Considering in the Process of Purchasing Shot Blasting Machines
Posted: 08/21/2017 10:09:14  Hits: 29
Invented in 1930s, shot blasting machines belong to rust removing facilities and obtain wide  applications especially involving the steel industry, the foundry industry and the automobile manufacturing industry. 

Based on extensive applications, there are various kinds of shot blasting machines on the current market. Tumble shot blasting machines, hook shot blasting machines and roller conveyor shot blasting machines are especially used for the surface treatments of castings. Moreover, shot blasting facilities, such as internal steel tube shot blasting machines and external steel tube blasting machines, are used for surface treatments of objects except castings. 

Nowadays, the shot blasting machines becomes essential for every commercial foundry because the process of the castings' surface treatment of castings is necessitated in manufacturing castings. 

When selecting the shot blasting machine, people should think about machine's details involving the size, the shape, the weight and the production speed.
Two main factors worth considering in the process of purchasing shot blasting machines

Working Temperature of shot blasting machines
Since the optimum temperature of the shot blasting treatment is close to the ambient temperature, the range of the machine’s working temperature is supposed to be considered. When a high-temperature casting needs to go through the shot blasting treatment, the shot blasting machine should keep workable under the highest temperature of the casting. By doing so, the shot blasting machine can reach the requirements of less maintenance as well as production with safety and high efficiency.

Working strength of shot blasting machines
Manufacturers demanding high production, generally, are suitable for using the shot blasting machine with continuous process. The reason is this kind of machine can simplify the operation and reduce repetitive operation, saving both time and labour.
In the continuous process, usually, the size of the conveyor system and the volume of the shot blasting room need to be ensured before blasting castings with various structures and sizes. In this way, to a certain extent, the rework rate can be reduced as much as possible.

Furthermore, no matter which shot blasting machine is used, the density of the casting is also a factor people should pay attention to.