Classification of Shot Blasting Machine
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According to the structure of the castings’ bearing body of Shot blasting machine, it can be divided into tumble shot blast machine, hook shot blast machine, hoist shot blast machine , rotary table shot blast machine, and blast room etc.

Tumble shot blast machine is suitable for castings with excellent anticorrosion performance in small or medium volume. Tumble shot blast machine through the guiding rib of spiral cylinder in barrel, the casting and flip forward operation. Hook shot blast machine and rotary table shot blast machine are used for cleaning castings in large or medium volume, usually these two kinds of machines have a fixed shot blasting chamber, the cleared castings rotating or moving in the shot blasting chamber. Blasting room is usually equipped with several shot blasting machine, which are installed in different locations and ejected shot from different direction to improve the cleaning efficiency and the quality of the blasting machine.

According to the working system, shot blasting machine can be divided into intermittent and continuous shot blasting machine.

Shot blasting machine is mainly composed of 4 parts:

1. Shot blasting machine generally takes the advantage of impeller with high-speed rotation ejecting the shot toward a certain direction in high centrifugal force. In the work process, some shot blasting apparatus are able to swing or move up and down on a certain angle.

2. Collection, separation and transportation system of shots.

3. The bearing body that let the castings continuously operating and turning in the shot blasting cleaning.  

4. The dust removal system.  

Sandblasting room: there is no need of deep pit (or pit), low construction cost and short construction period.

Shot blast cleaning machine equipment mainly consists of shot blasting machine, wear rubber ring, a packing auger, lifting, separator, feed conveying, dust remover, cleaning machinery.

Tumble shot blast machine

Tumble shot blast machine is mainly taking the advantage of the impeller with high-speed rotation to flip shot on the continuous rotating workpiece in barrel, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning up the workpiece, which belongs to the casting machinery. It is suitable for various industries’ sand cleaning, derusting, descaling and surface strengthening of castings and forgings of 15 kg Tumble shot blast machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of anti-collision forgings and castings, is ideal equipment for workpiece to clean the residual sand on surface and the oxide skin in small heat treatment shop. It is mainly composed of barrel, separator, shot blasting machine, hoist, deceleration motor and other components.

Roller Conveyor Shot Blast Machine

Roller Conveyor Shot Blast Machine is suitable for surface derusting or shot blasting enhancement of various large or medium-sized production of workpiece, the cleaned workpiece must be castings and heat treatment workpieces that anti-collision and it is less than 150kg. This kind machine can be used solely, and it can be used with the cooperation of wiring. Automatation: putting the workpiece into the rubber crawler roller, when the operator press the run button, the door of shot blast room pneumatically closed down, then the blast cleaning began, and the crawler moves forward. The workpiece constantly tumbling, efficient and powerful shot blast machine eject the shot with high-speed on the surface that is tumbling. The workpiece can be completely evenly cleaned. Steel shot through the sliding hole tracked into the spiral conveyor, and then sent the steel shot to a bucket elevator, after then through the bucket elevator lift to the separator, after being separated, they will be stored for stand-by. When shot blasting is finished, the shot room door will open automatically, and the track reversed to unload the workpiece.

Hook shot blast machine

Hook type shot blasting machine is the standard type of blasting machine, the working cylinder diameter ranges from 900 to 1300 mm, the height vary from 1300 to 2200mm. standard models with 2-7 throw head, the maximum carrying capacity is 10000 kg, the production efficiency of shot blasting machine is very high, the flexibility of the span is quite large, so it is ideal for cleaning equipment to strengthen. And the operation is simple, only to load the workpiece that needs to be processed in the machine, and press the start button. After a very short period of time (usually 5-7 minutes), the entire cleaning process will be completed.

Rotary table shot blast machine

Rotary table shot blast machine is suitable for mass production of small parts for surface cleaning, the specifications of this equipment apply to engine connecting rod, gear, diaphragm spring, etc.