• Tumble Shot Blasting Machine
  • Steel Shot, Steel Grit and Cut Wire Shot

Partner with JX Blasting, China's premier surface preparation company, for a comprehensive selection of shot blasting machines. Our team is committed to reducing production costs through affordable equipment, expert technical guidance, and durable abrasives. Let us simplify your surface preparation needs and elevate your business to new heights.

About Us

With 20 years of experience, JX Blasting is a professional manufacturer of shot blasting and shot peening machines. Our company offers a wide range of production lines, including Hook Blasting Machines, Tumble Blasting Machines, Roller Conveyor Blasting Machines, Blasting Rooms, and Shot Peening Machines, which are available in various configurations, sizes, and materials. Our equipment is used in many industries, such as aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, railway, forge and foundry, pipe, steel structure, aluminum, and more.

As China's leading surface preparation company, JX Blasting is committed to providing our customers with economical equipment, excellent technical advice, and longer-lasting abrasives. Our goal is to reduce shot blast production costs and simplify the process.

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