How to Protect Steel Shot From Abrasion
Posted: 12/24/2015 02:20:31  Hits: 350
This article analyses several reasons that lead to the abrasion of steel shots and the measures to protect them from abrasion.

1. What’s the abrasion of steel shot?
The abrasion of is a phenomenon which happen when the convex surface contact with other surface during friction. When the steel shots have related movement, the material on steel shots’ surface will have the transfer and cause abrasion. The abrasion has a fast speed which is a major factor to harm the machinery and equipment.

2. Major factors of abrasive 
2.1 The particle size of steel shot
The abrasion is increased with the size of steel shot particle, when the particle increased to a certain degree, the abrasion keeps a stable level.

2.2 The shape of steel shot
The steel shot with sharp shape has faster abrasion speed than those with smooth shape. When the steel shot has been blunted, the abrasion speed will be slow down. If the steel shot has been triturated, the abrasion speed will increase again.

2.3 Pressure
For steel shot, the rate of abrasion is proportional to the pressure. To the components made from the same material, when the pressure is reduced by half, the service life of steel shot is doubled.

3. Measures to reduce the abrasion of steel shot
3.1. Reduce the steel shot to enter components
Equipped machinery with filters and dustproof devices. Clean and change the filtration devices on air, oil and fuel frequently.

3.2 Select the material with excellent abrasion resistance
Components which have been quenching, tempering and martensitic can have better abrasion resistance and toughness.

3.3 Enhance the abrasion resistance of components
Improve the material properties of components through heat treatment and surface treatment, which can enhance the abrasion resistance of components and make it exceed the hardness of steel shot.