Operation Standards of Blasting Machine
Posted: 12/30/2015 05:04:42  Hits: 294
The major function of blasting machine is to burnish the rough surface of some components into smooth one. The blasting machine is widely used in wooden products, artificial stone article, metal objects and rubber & plastic goods etc. In order to make sure the function of machine and security of workers, there are some standards need to be strictly followed when operating the shot blasting machine.

1. The operator must have good knowledge about function and performance of blast machine. The novice is prohibiting operating the machine alone and the non-related people should not close to the machine.

2. The operator should not wear the clothes which may be easily draw into the machine such the loose clothes. If the operator has long hair, remember to bind the hair or put the hair cover tightly.

3. The operator should not randomly dismantle the safety device on the blasting machine. Do not put the objects that are interrelating to work, such as wrench lest the machine stuck by extraneous matters.

4. Before turn on the power, make sure all the switches on the OFF position. Before operating the machine, check the sharpness of blasting belt and whether it is on the right direction and whether it has the appropriate size. Check the conveyor belt and the planer blade are installed correctly and firmly.

5. Before operating, all cover should not be removed. Make sure the size of wooden material can be blast in the machine. If the wooden is too thick, it will stick or breaks the conveyor belt. The wooden martial with triangular, rhombus and circular shapes can not operate in the blasting machine. Pay attention to the metal attachments on the objects, they may damage the machine.

6.During operating, pay attention to the electrical load in the ammeter and prevent the broken blasting belt caused by overload. 

7. When the object is in the conveyor belt, hands must leave it immediately. The object should be put evenly on the belt in order to prevent the abrasion and protect the service life of the machine.

8. The height of working table of the blasting machine is controlled by computer, it’s prohibit to switch the height manually or it will lead to the leaning of working table and the inaccuracy number in the computer controller.

9. After finish the blasting, operator should clean the machine. It’s recommendable to loosen the blasting belt after work or the belt will be loosen gradually for keep in tension state a long time.

10. The novice operate must be trained strictly. Before he is totally familiar with the operation and performance of machine, instead of operating alone, he should accompanied by the experienced operators during work. If the operator has to leave, he should turn off the machine and chat with others is also forbid during operating the blasting machine.