Problems and treatment methods of shot blasting machine
Posted: 06/06/2016 08:48:47  Hits: 310
The shot blasting machine will appear a variety of problems during the using process, experts of Jinxing Steel Shot Company will show you some common problems and treatment methods of shot blasting machine here.

I. The dust gathering by dust collector containing too much shot.
The air on the splitter is too strong, it should be adjusted properly until it can guarantee the dust removing effect without sucking out the shots.

II. The efficiency of dust collector is low.
1. The fan wire of dust collector being wrongly connected, so the fan inversed. It should be rewired.
2. The filter cartridge in the dust collector is not tightly installed or damaged, or the filter cartridge is missing. 
3. The connection joint of dust removal pipeline is not sealed well. It should be ensured that each parts in good seal sealing.
4. The cleaning workpiece did not filter sand as require. The molding sand left too much and the dust content in cleaning inlet is too high.
5. The anti dust blowing mechanism is not enabled or too less, which results in the dust blocked the cartridge. It is advisable to remove the dust attached on the filter cylinder timely.

III. Bucket elevator is not running.
1. Clamp and remove the oversize particles at the elevator bottom. 
2. The belt slip. (Adjustingthe tensioner and the tensioner belt of diving wheel.
3. The elevator pellets is too much at the bottom. The elevator should be stopped in turn first, then the pellets be cleared.

IV. The cleaning effect of blasting cleaning machine is not ideal
1. The shots are not sufficient of supply. New shots should be appropriately added.
2. The shot blasting direction is not accurate. The position of shot blasting orientation sets window should be adjusted. 
3. Shots’ particle size is inappropriate. The particle size of pellets should be re-selected.  
4. Lumps or shots used for a long time. The pellets should be replaced.

V. The Cleaning room door can not be opened or run well. 
The door shaft is not lubricated well. It should be added more lubrication. 

VI The action of driving and parking of the machine is not flexible or not in accordance with the scheduled action.
1. The electric components may be damaged. It is should be inspected and replaced.
2. Too much dust and dirt on electric box, which result in the bad electrical contact point.
3. The dust and dirt on time relay is too much, which result in the bad electrical contact point.

VII. The screw conveyor is not running.
1. Shot block. It is advisable to stop the machine in turn and clear the shots.
2. The spiral shaft bending. It is sensible to correct the spiral shaft or grind the blade’s diameter.
3. The spiral shaft head weld fracture. It should be reweld.

VIII. The splitter effect is poor.
1. The flow screen is uneven. It is recommendable to adjust the flow control panel to achieve full screen curtain.
2. Discrepant wind speed in separation area. It is suggested to adjust the butterfly valve of splitter outlet, so that the separation zone wind speed reached 4 ~ 5m/s, and adjust the position of the one and two level adjustment board.