Solutions to Complicated Workpieces of Shot Blasting Machines
Posted: 09/18/2017 10:20:10  Hits: 14
For the shot blasting machines, how can we blast light metal castings and iron castings with deep holes effectively? 

This questions is not only for shot blasting machine manufacturers, but also for car, car component and engine cylinder manufacturers. So, on the premise of not decreasing the production efficiency, how to clean up the surfaces of engine cylinders and cylinder heads thoroughly? 

Due to the diversification of products, the size, the weight, the shape and the quantity of  workpieces to be cleaned are different. Moreover, many workpieces have untouchable inner cavities and spaces, which makes it more difficult to do the surface cleaning.

In a large number of machinery plants, the cage type wireless shot blasting machine was used to blast the engine cylinder and the cylinder head of the engine. However this kind of shot blasting machine can only be used for the worpieces with a single size and shape in a single operation. Thus, for the workpieces with various shapes and sizes, they need to be treated in batches according to different shapes and sizes, decreasing the production efficiency and increasing the labour cost.

As a matter of fact, the shot blasting machine, which is comprised of the blasting chamber and the system in charge of delivering workpieces, can easily solve the problem above. By using this kind of shot blasting machine, the production efficiency will be increased and the labour cost will be reduced since the shot blasting machine is suitable for workpieces with diversified shapes and sizes, and the workpieces have no need to be treated in batches.

How to select belts for tumble shot blasting machines?
The tumble shot blasting machine is usually used for small workpieces which are not easily broken after being corroded. In general, the steel grid is adopted for the belt so as to gather the workpieces together. However, in the process of the shot blasting treatment, some steel pills might cling to small workpieces and will accumulate to jam the screw conveyor because when the blasting wheel stops working, the belt is still rolling, and the steel pills can be delivered to the screw conveyor. Thus, when the shot blasting machine is started again, the screw conveyor will be jammed and the belt of the bucket elevator can not work normally.

For solving the problem, it is necessary not to use the belt with steel grid and decrease the speed of the belt reducer. At the same time, abrasive pills made of steel alloys can be adopted for the shot blasting machine. Problems will be solved if the solutions are adopted.