What Can We Do If Hook Shot Blast Machines Are Broken?
Posted: 09/21/2017 11:23:46  Hits: 13
Fault diagnoses of shot blasting machines
1. Abrasive impellers with abnormal vibration
Blades need to be changed when they wear seriously and are not operated smoothly.

Impellers need to be changed when they wear seriously.

Bearings burnt out need to be changed and new bearings should be lubricated.

Loosened bolts of abrasive impellers need to be tightened.

2. Abrasive impeller of shot blasting machines with abnormal noises 
Abrasive pills need to be changed when the pills can not satisfy the standard requirements.

Large abrasive particles should be removed when they are included in the pills.

The back plates should be adjusted when they are loosened and there is a friction between impellers and back plates.

Bolts need to be tightened when the components of shot blasting machines are loose.

3. Abrasive pills distributed without balance
The opening of the blast gates should be adjusted.

4. Ineffective dust collectors of shot blasting machines
The fans of dust collectors need to be rewired when the wiring errors of dust collector fans occur and the fans are reversed.

The bags of the dust collectors are loosened or the dust collectors are in lack of the bag.

The joints of dust extraction pipes are failed to seal so the sealing of parts can not be guaranteed.

The shakeout operation of the workpieces treated by the shot blasting machine is not implemented according to the standard requirements, resulting in too much residual molding sand. As a result, too much dust will be brought to the inlet of the dust collector.

5. Too many abrasive pills contained in the dust of dust collectors
The blowing rate of the separator is too high so the black plate needs to be adjusted to guarantee the fine working performance and the abrasive pills will not be absorbed into the dust collector.

6. Poor working performance of shot blasting machines
New abrasive pills need to be added when there is not enough supply of them.

Positions of control cages' windows should be adjusted when abrasive pills have wrong blasting directions.

The sizes of abrasive pills should be redefined when their sizes are inappropriate.

Abrasive pills need to be replaced when they are caked or overused.

7. Bucket elevators out of operation
Bucket elevators of shout blasting machines should be clamped and the large particles on the device bottom should be removed.

Driving wheels need to be adjusted to tighten the belts when the belts are slipping.

The shot blasting machines should be stopped in order and abrasive pills need to be removed when there are too many abrasive pills on the bottoms of bucket elevators.