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Short Description
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Buy zinc shot from JX Abrasives Manufacturer in China, 0.6-3.0 mm zinc cut wire shot, 35-55HV, 7.1g/cm3, for deflashing & finishing die castings.

Key Specifications / Features

Quick Details:
Density: 7.1g/cm3.
Hardness: 35-55HV.
Size: 0.6mm-3.0mm.
Chemical composition: Zn 99.99%, Fe 0.004%, Al 0.003%, Cu 0.001%, Co 0.002%.

The softness of zinc shot is suitable for operation in deburring die castings, and removing impregnated sand from sand castings. It can remove coatings from soft alloy cast parts without damage, and leaves a thin film of zinc on the work pieces which provide corrosion resistance.

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