How to Identify the Quality of Steel Grit & Steel Shot

The key of choose abrasives with high cost-effective is high quality. The standard of high quality steel shot and steel grit: it’s able to take more kinetic energy work on the surface, more effectively to cleaning and strengthening, besides that, it has enough long fatigue life, which can reduce the consumption of blasting.

Chemical composition
The chemical composition is the most basic indicators of steel shot and steel grit. It will determine the microstructure of steel shot and steel grit as well as the effect of heat treatment. Carbon (C) content should be moderate. Silicon (Si), manganese (Mn) can improve the strength and hardness of steel shot, try to higher (with no less than 0.8% is best). Sulphur (S), phosphorus (P) are harmful elements, easy to make the steel shot brittle, lead to premature rupture, try to lower (at <0.03% is best) 

If the hardness of steel shot or steel grit is too soft, it will make the cleaning speed slow and reduce work efficiency. When the shot peening, steel shot with low hardness doesn’t produce a suitable residual stress, and it’s impossible to through increase the impact time to compensate the applied force. If the hardness is too high, it will produce the unnormal surface, increase the broken rate, make the high consumption, and more wear to the equipment, increase the maintenance cost for machines, therefore, it’s important to have a suitable hardness.

The microstructure of steel shot (grit) must be resist deformation. It can reduce energy loss, increase or decrease the fatigue life when it’s working. Tempered martensite is the most resistance to fatigue, besides, the microstructure must be reduce fragile carbide, otherwise it will cause steel shot(grit) premature rupture, increasing usage.

Physical defects 
Steel shot (grit) must contain less physical defects which will cause abrasives broken. There are always some physical defects in using the production process of steel shot (grit). So there must have some workstage to control, reduce defect rate.

Fatigue life
Fatigue life is a ability for steel shot (grit) to resistant broken when blasting. The abrasive with the most long fatigue life will be the most economic ones. Of course if it can change suitable energy into cleaning.

No matter which application field, the quality of the steel shot, steel grit is the key to effective operation, it decided that whether convert energy effectively when blasting, have the effect of cleaning and strengthen, and effect on your processing cost as well as.
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How to Identify the Quality of Steel Grit & Steel Shot