The role of roller conveyor shot blasting machine in metal
1. Strengthening of metal workpieces
A roller conveyor shot blasting machine can enhance the metal strength in different directions and improve the dislocation density inside the metal, which is a good choice. Research and experiments have shown that shot blasting can enhance the dislocation structure of the metal. For metals that cannot be transformation-hardened, if you want to achieve transformation hardening, there is no doubt that this is a good technical channel.

However, some components in the aviation field and the automotive field need to be lightweight. The process of using the roller conveyor shot blasting machine can achieve the production efficiency of this, and can better achieve the desired effect according to the demand. 

2. Cleaning of the metal surface
The roller conveyor shot blasting machine is very powerful in metal surface smoothing, and almost all metal objects need to be processed by it. This not only makes the casting look smoother, but it is also a standard for the inspection of the casting. When producing a general casting, you will find that it is often necessary to deal with the flaws on the surface of the casting. For the problems of the surface of non-ferrous metal castings, the cleaning is also carried out by this machine to achieve a comprehensive effect of quality and aesthetics.

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